About The Course

Have you ever wanted to make your own custom game engine from scratch? Do you want to create a game that has pixel level physics that you use to destroy your enemies and terrain that’s 100% destructible? If so then this course is for you. The only prerequisite is that you have a basic understanding of programming.

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-Learn how to create a game engine from scratch in C++
    -Create a window
    -Mouse and keyboard input
    -Draw graphics
    -A unit that can walk and fly
    -Handle projectiles and their collisions
    -Different types of enemies and their AI
    -Add materials like corrosive gas, wood, oil and many more
-Every detail explained
    -Line by line code explanation
    -Many presentation slides
    -Game is built and run multiple times to show progress in every lesson
    -How to download and setup every piece of software
-Only uses free software
-All code for every lesson included

Course Outline

8 Videos - 6 Lessons - 06h 21m Total Duration

Video Name

01m 01s

Download and Setup Software
10m 37s

Lesson 1 – Setup Basic Game Engine
47m 54s

Lesson 2 – Add a Unit
48m 29s

Lesson 3 – Add Weapons and Projectiles
35m 40s

Lesson 4 – Add and Improve Materials
77m 42s

Lesson 5 – Add Enemies
81m 08s

Lesson 6 – Add More Materials
78m 34s

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